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Taxi Service from Khaolak or Phuket To Everywhare

Welcome. Service with heart, attention, lovely customers. Travel to Phang Nga, the weather is good, many tourist attractions Fully equipped car rental for tourists We are happy every time we send our customers safely to their destination.

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Pickup from Khaolak to Everywhere

Khaolak TO Phuket All Area
Khaolak TO Ranong All Area
Khaolak TO Suratthani All Area
Khaolak TO Krabi All Area

Pickup from Phuket to Everywhere

Phuket TO Khaolak All Area
Phuket TO Ranong All Area
Phuket TO Suratthani All Area
Phuket TO Krabi All Area

Price Table of Taxi Service

FromToStandard Type PriceSUV Type PriceVAN Type Price
Phuket AirportKhaolak (zone)1,100 Baht1,200 Baht1,300 Baht
Khaolak (zone)Phuket Airport1,100 Baht1,200 Baht1,300 Baht
Krabi AirportKhaolak2,700 Baht2,800 Baht3,000 Baht
KhaolakKrabi Airport2,700 Baht2,800 Baht3,000 Baht

Phuket Area

FromToStandard Type PriceSUV Type PriceVAN Type Price
KhaolakNaiyang1,100 Baht1,200 Baht1,400 Baht
KhaolakMaikhao1,100Baht1,200 Baht1,400 Baht
KhaolakAo Por Marina1,600 Baht1,700 Baht1,900 Baht
KhaolakBang Rong Pier1,600 Baht1,700 Baht1,900 Baht
KhaolakLaguna1,600 Baht1,700Baht1,900 Baht
KhaolakLayan1,600 Baht1,700 Baht1,900 Baht
KhaolakKamala1,700 Baht1,800 Baht2,000 Baht
KhaolakBangtao1,600 Baht1,700 Baht1,900 Baht
KhaolakSurin1,700 Baht1,800 Baht2,000 Baht
KhaolakRassada Pier1,700 Baht1,800 Baht2,000 Baht
KhaolakPatong1,900 Baht2,000Baht2,200 baht
KhaolakCape Panwa2,000 Baht2,100 Baht2,300 Baht
KhaolakKata/Karon2,000 Baht2,100 Baht2,300 Baht
KhaolakPhuket Town1,700 Baht1,800 Baht2,000 Baht
KhaolakRawai2,100 Baht2,200 Baht2,400 Baht
KhaolakNaithon1,400 Baht1,500 Baht1,700 Baht
KhaolakPhuket Shopping (10 Hrs.)3,200 Baht3,400 Baht3,800 Baht


FromToStandard Type PriceSUV Type PriceVAN Type Price
KhaolakAo Nang2,500 Baht2,600 Baht2,800 Baht
KhaolakKrabi Town2,500 Baht2,600Baht2,800 Baht
KhaolakLanta Pier4,500 Baht4,700 Baht4,900 Baht
KhaolakLanta Island5,400Baht5,600Baht5,800 Baht

Suratthani Area

FromToStandard Type PriceSUV Type PriceVAN Type Price
KhaolakRatchaprapa Dam2,500 Baht2,600 Baht2,800 Baht
KhaolakPun Pin Station2,700 Baht2,800 Baht3,000 Baht
KhaolakDonsak Pier3,700 Bath3,800 Baht4,000 Baht

Phang-nga, RANONG AND OTHER Area

FromToStandard Type PriceSUV Type PriceVAN Type Price
KhaolakTaplamu400 Baht500 Baht700 Baht
KhaolakNamkem500 Baht600 Baht800 Baht
KhaolakKhok Kloy1,000 Baht1,100 Baht1,200 Baht
KhaolakKhao Sok National Park1,200 Baht1,300 Baht1,500 Baht
KhaolakPhang-nga Town1,100 Baht1,200 Baht1,400 Baht
KhaolakRanong3,500 Baht3,600Baht3,800 Baht
KhaolakHua hin8,500 Baht8,600 Baht8,800 Baht
KhaolakCha am9,000 Baht9,200 Baht9,600 Baht
KhaolakBangkok11,000 Baht13,000 Baht15,000 Baht
KhaolakSuvannabhumi Airport12,000 Baht14,000 Baht16,000 Baht

Private Phuket Airport Transfers (HKT) TO Phuket

Phuket Airport To Bang Sak Beach
Phuket Airport To Nam Khem Beach
Phuket Airport To Kata Beach
Phuket Airport To Karon Beach
Phuket Airport To Rawai
Phuket Airport To Patong Beach
Phuket Airport To Kamala Beach
Phuket Airport To Maikhao Beach
Phuket Airport To Bang rong Pier
Phuket Airport To Krabi Airport
Phuket Airport To Ao Nang Beach

And Other Area Please call to me

VAN (Commutor)

Step of Booking

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  • STEP 3. You check your Email and send Email back for confirm
  • STEP 4. Our driver will pick up you and you pay cash directly with driver